About Our Brick

All Bilco bricks are King Size. Each brick has one brick face and one end face. Frogs allow mortar to grip the brick which adds strength to the wall. The back side indicator helps the mason orient the brick.

Bilco Brick Detail Drawing Front Angle
Bilco Brick Detail -Drawing Back Angle
Cube count: 504 Brick

Layup factor: 4.8 brick per square ft*

Cube coverage: 105 sq ft

Unit weight: ~ 5.5 lbs

Eight percent of the bricks in a cube are “corner bricks” that have only one frog. This gives the brick a second brick face to be used in soldier courses, window sills, and row locks. Below is an illustration showing the frogs and backside indicators of bricks in a soldier row. Note the corner brick with only one frog.

Corner with soldier row illustration

* this number does not include waste

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