King-size Split Face Brick

Bilco Split Face Brick - Shadow - Front and Back

Shadow is a dark gray Split Face brick. The front has an irregular surface that creates a stone-like impression in a more economical brick form. The back of the brick is smooth and can be used as a design accent for architectural features. The upper left brick above shows the back side.

This brick includes water repellent.

Bilco Split Face - Shadow - Close-Up
Bilco Split Face - Shadow - Angled Close-Up

The Split Face feature creates a dimension in the gray color of the brick that produces a variety of textural effects depending on the lighting and viewing angle. These Split Face bricks also work well as a single-wythe wall with the split face texture on one side of the fence and the smooth face on the other.

See our white Split Face brick: Stonehenge.

These photos represent the color range to be expected with our blends. Actual bricks may appear slightly different due to natural variations in the manufacturing process. Before choosing your brick, we recommend visiting a home built with the brick and mortar color you’ve selected.