To help tell your customers about the benefits of selecting Bilco products, we offer builders additional services to support their sales efforts.

Bilco Brick specifications can be found here.

Sales Support

Bilco Brick offers our builders additional services and products to support their sales efforts. Ask your Bilco Brick sales representative or contact us to request more information.

Sample Boards: Brick and natural stone selections are available as professionally-mounted hand boards or hanging frame boards.

110-Year Warranty: Bilco’s warranty certificate is available for display as a mounted counter card or framed for wall hanging.

Promotional Materials: We offer a variety of advertising flyers to informational brochures for many of our products.

Bilco Home Database

For your customers who would like to see a variety of homes built with Bilco Brick or natural stone, we maintain an updated list of new homes available upon request.

For More Information: Ask your sales representative or email us at

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