Bilco Brick Frost white brick with white mortar
Bilco Brick Frost white brick with gray mortar

Frost is a white brick with cool tones that add a contemporary texture. The images above show the same brick with white mortar or gray mortar.

Frost - Very white brick on unfinished home
Above: Frost brick on a home still under construction. Gray mortar. Open shade with no direct sun on brick.

Below: Two views of same unfinished home with both sun and shade lighting.

Frost White Brick wth Gray mortar
Frost White Brick on unfinished home

See our other white bricks: Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mountain Peak.

These photos represent the color range to be expected with our blends. Actual bricks may appear slightly different due to natural variations in the manufacturing process. Before choosing your brick, we recommend visiting a home built with the brick and mortar color you’ve selected.

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